Are you a legitimate business; are your prices FOR REAL?

Yes ma'am (or sir). We are here in Texas, a real live registered legit business and everything. No jokes, no scams. We are real live people, selling amazing hair bows, headbands and boutique-y stuff at the prices listed on our website. Anyone over 18 can buy. (For real, we get asked this ALL. THE. TIME.)

I've placed an order on X website before and it took forever to ship. Is my order going to take 6-8 weeks to ship?

No - it will take 1-5 days to leave our warehouse depending on the volume of orders we have and the shipping method you choose during checkout. Shipping times are here.  While we are in Texas....this isn't the wild wild west & we aren't delivering by horse (at least we don't THINK the post office is...but that is debatable some days...) - and no, we aren't one of those "pre-order" companies that takes your money to hold onto it for 2+ months only to get your Halloween outfit after Easter. We want you to actually get to wear your hair bow or dress for the right holiday. (Yes, we have a sense of humor too.)

I saw during checkout that I can create an account, do I have to?

No...BUT you can't view past orders or check order status without one. We highly recommend you create an account. 

Do you ship international?

Shipping to Canada is available. We're sorry if you're an international friend who isn't a "neighbor to the north," we are working with our shipping partners to get more international options in the future. (We do ship to APO addresses if you are stationed abroad!) Please see shipping for full details.

What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept all major forms of credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover! 

We also accept Paypal which is safe, secure and accepts all major credit cards, as well as echecks.

We are verified & SSL encrypted, so you can feel completely protected and ensured that your transaction is safe. During your check out, we will NEVER even see your credit card number or checking information. The only one who receives this is Paypal or the CC company.

International customers; we recommend using a U.S. based credit card account for payment since our strict security system may reject some international addresses. 

Please Facebook message or email us at (M-F; 9-4 CST) if you are having trouble completing your order online.

Can I modify/cancel my order after it had been placed?

No, we am sorry, our current system does not allow us to add onto or modify orders after they are placed. So after you make that commitment, you can return the item and re-order or place an additional order. 

We process and ship orders fairly quickly ("quickly" is a relative term and can vary from day-to-day on the actual time it takes an order to ship - if you need clarification on this, please email or message us in Facebook. We're honest like that.). Our orders now go immediately to processing, a shipping label prints with your packing slip as soon as it comes in and it has already been sent to our fulfillment department and we can't change it for you. Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel or modify orders once the order has reached this phase. If we had super human powers or inspector gadget arms, we'd gladly sift through all of the orders and grab yours back to change or cancel it - but that just isn't reality (most days).

So if you've already pushed that "we are good to go" button, we cannot make any changes. 

How will I know if my order has shipped?

You will receive an email when your order ships as well as be able to view it on our website. Please check your junk/spam mail folder as well. While we love the post office, we don't refer to them as "Speedy Gonzales" when it comes to tracking for a reason. Please allow at least 24 hours for the tracking information to update. Their system generates a tracking number for us immediately when we make a label, but it can take them a lot longer to actually put it into their system. You may track your order by logging into your account on our website.

Do you do price matching/price adjustments?

Sorry, we do not do price adjustments on our items, nor do we match items from competitors websites. Quality of headbands and hats and flowers varies significantly from one supplier to another on most items (trust us on this...significantly). Shopping with us, you will get the best quality at the best prices we can make available.

Can I use coupons on your site?

Of course! We love coupons. But a coupon code may not be combined with additional coupons, though they may be combined with sale items unless otherwise noted. Coupons are not valid on previous purchases or for cash given. If you enter a coupon code twice or are able to tweak our software to give you a better price than listed on the site, unfortunately, we will not able to honor it.

If you are having trouble applying a coupon code to your order, please contact Customer Service by using the contact us page on our website BEFORE submitting your order. We are not able to apply coupons once an order has been submitted and is being processed.

 What happens if an item I order becomes out of stock?

We try our best to not oversell or run out of items. We constantly examine our inventory. Occasionally we may sell out of items or oversell. If an item you happened to snag on your order is unavailable, we will contact you about substitution or refund options. If we are not able to contact you within 24 hours, we will issue a refund for the item. In this case, the Out-of-Stock item will be refunded to you via the method paid or a store credit will be issued should that option not be available because a gift card, pre-paid card, etc. was used to purchase the item.

I heard you are getting x in, can I buy it before you get it?

No, we do not back-order, nor do we pre-sell items. We do send out email newsletters and post on our social media pages, so please follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and sign up for our mailing list on the left side of our page.

What do I do if I receive an item and it does not fit?

Yes, this happens. Since our inventory sells out quickly, we do not process exchanges directly. You may return the item for a refund and place a new order for the item you want instead.  Please see our return page for details. Refunds are typically issued within 2-3 weeks (up to 30 days to see the refund).

What if the color looks different from the website?

We do our best to photograph all our product colors accurately, but since every screen varies, we cannot insure that the screen you viewed our website on displays our products true to life. If you have a question about matching, email us before you place your order and we can answer your question. If you decide you want to return your item, please see our return page for details.

I emailed you, why haven't I heard back?

Please e-mail us through the contact us form on the website OR email: If you did not email us through one of those 2 places, then you may not have heard back from us. 

Why, you ask? know how you get spam, and junk and tons of emails everyday...we do too. And we get SOOO many emails...we have order emails, tracking emails, Paypal emails, credit card emails, spam emails, junk emails, other emails...we even get emails about emails. We've found customers who have replied to tracking numbers, replied to donotreply@ addresses, replied to invoices, etc. and while we TRY to catch all of those, (we are being honest), we simply can't...sometimes our "other" email addresses get 500-1000+ emails per day and when you reply to an address we don't monitor regularly like should get an email back telling you where to correctly email us. (We get it, we are busy moms too...we know you don't always think through where you email or always read auto reply e-mails.) BUT if you use our contact us tab, we have a 100% reply rate! 100%. SO...please e-mail us using the recommended method or Facebook message us and you will hear back! We aren't trying to avoid you; we promise!


I really need to speak to a live person.  

We do not have a phone that accepts incoming calls, but we do take appointments! 

Please book an appointment and schedule a time for our customer service to call you: here


Thanks and have a great week!