Compliments & Complaints

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Our #1 complaint has to do with shipping time. Our shipping process is fully explained here. If you have any questions on when your order NEEDS to arrive by, PLEASE contact our customer service department PRIOR to placing your order to determine which shipping method is right for you! While we would all love the cheapest shipping option, sometimes we procrastinate and need to upgrade (ummm...talking to myself here too...). 


Our #2 most common complaint is modifying existing orders. Once an order is placed and we print and start fulfillment of your order, we CANNOT modify it. It has placed in our system with many other orders. While we try our best to accomodate you on this, please understand, we can't sort through several hundred orders to find a package that has already been prepared for shipment. 



We admit it. We do our best; we work hard over here, but we do make mistakes. We are real, live humans taking your calls, answering emails, filling the orders, shipping them out and here's how we deal with them...straight from our customers...