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Cheer Bows

A cheer bow is the perfect way to accentuate your school spirit, and we’ve got a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from so you can keep up the cheer level semester after semester!

Celebrate the home team with one of our bright and cute cheer bows crafted with school colors! Select from varsity cheer bows, flashy sequins, and more! This collection features solid colors as well as classic combinations so you can perfectly match school colors to vibrant outfits that will stand out in the stands, on the sidelines, or on the field.

We’ve curated a selection of apparel for girls that’s meant to inspire the imagination without breaking the bank. Take a look at all of our clothing and accessories and see what outfits you can assemble for less that you ever imagined. Our cheerleading bows can be matched with leggings, legwarmers, or dresses to complete a spirited ensemble.

Cheer Bow FAQ


What are cheer bows?

Cheer bows are large, bright, colorful bows that you can wear to show off your school spirit, match your outfit, cheer for a team etc. You can wear them everyday, or save them for special occasions. We have a ton of cheer bow variety here at The Hair Bow Company. We have cheer bows that are rainbow, we have baseball cheer bows, unicorn cheer bows, and more!

How do you wear a cheer bow?

You can wear a cheer bow with any hairstyle. Cheer bows are commonly worn in ponytails, but you can wear them with your hair down as well.

How do you make cheer bows stiff?

A common way to make a cheer bow stiff is to get Stiffen Quik from Hobby Lobby or JoAnn’s and spray it liberally onto the bow until it is wet. Then you can either blow dry the cheer bow for a quicker result, or let it air dry. To make sure that the loops of the bow are nice and big, you may want to stuff them with tissue or toilet paper while letting the cheer bow dry, so that they remain poofy.