Faldas tutú de mamá y yo: vestirse para la cita perfecta entre mamá e hija

Elegant Mommy & Me Tutu Skirts

If you know us at The Hair Bow Company, you know we are huge fans of tutu skirts! We’ve been stocking fun tutus in sizes for babies, girls, teens, and women for years and we’ve created more than a few tutus of our own out of our tulle by the roll. However, we recently realized our tutu line up was missing something; an elegant, midi length tutu skirt that can be dressed up for stylish events. Our fancy tutu skirts just arrived (in Mommy & Me sizes!) and we can’t wait to show them off!

Tutu Skirts: The Perfect Style for a Mom & Daughter Date

Our Brand Rep Irelyn and her mom had the perfect idea for their tutu skirts; dressing up for a fun mom and daughter date at our favorite local seaside destination of Galveston, Texas.

A special mommy/daughter date is the perfect excuse for dressing up! Who doesn’t want to feel like a princess for a day? If you are trying to find a perfectly elegant outfit for your day, a fancy women’s tutu skirt is a great alternative to a Mommy & Me dress. You can dress a tutu skirt up or down and tutu skirts are just plain fun to wear!

Styling Your Tutu Skirt

Our Mommy & Me Tutu Skirts are fancy and affordable! Why spend a fortune on Mommy & Me dresses to wear once when you can create fun outfits with tutu skirts for adults? After pairing your tutu skirts with elegant tops for you mom and daughter date, get them out again for Halloween, or an impromptu dance party at home! Our girls tutu skirts are very reasonably priced, so you won’t end up crying when you daughter decides to wear hers to the playground. Why have a toddler tutu skirt if you aren’t going to have fun in it, right?

Tutu Skirts for Adult, Toddlers, and Girls

These longer length tulle tutu skirts are available in several sizes for both women and girls. Girls sizes start at 2t, so if you are looking for a toddler tutu skirt, this is it! They have two tulle layers over an opaque base layer and partial elastic waist bands and satin sashes. They are designed to sit at the natural waist and look perfect with our lace tops for girls. Mommy & Me tutu skirts are available in mauve and grey. (Irelyn and her mom Caitilin were wearing the mauve color in these photos, but it was very bright and sunny that day, so they look like a lighter pink in the photos.)

Are you feeling inspired for your very own mommy/daughter date? Do you have an idea for how you are going to wear your adult tutu skirt or an idea for a costume? Tell us about them in the comments! We love hearing your creative ideas for styling these gorgeous long tutu skirts!

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