Costume DIY Mask - Solid Colors

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We all have our own reasons for keeping our identities a secret from the public.  This reason usually has something to do with our having awesomely amazing superhero powers.  The general population just couldn't handle knowing that the superhero they love, admire, and are in constant awe of is actually the SAME PERSON as the spectacularly adorable and brilliant friend, family member, classmate, etc. that they love, admire, and are in constant awe of!  Their minds would be BLOWN to know that such awesomeness could be contained in ONE person!  And so, for the safety of the world, those of us with such amazing powers must continue our masked, dual-identity charade.

Because we know how hard it can be to keep those identities separate, and that sometimes the whim comes to change up the secret identity (can't let people get too close to the truth after all!), we are providing a variety of solid colored "costume" face masks so the super person in your life will never be without the essential piece of their super suit. Should your super someone decide to help out their super buddies at a super party, these masks are great for super party favors that allow all of the super kids to attend without compromising their secret identities!

These masks are great for wear as they are, or as a base for decorating and adding those personal touches to make each one unique. The thick felt material allows for trimming to the shape you want without worries of it unraveling.  Have a masked ball to go to?  How about a Mardi Gras gala?  Use these masks as a base for adding sequins, beads, feathers, and any other number of decorations!

Made of thick felt material for durability, each mask measures about 6.5" inches across and about 2.5" at its widest point top to bottom.  The black elastic band that measures 13 inches from stitch to stitch while relaxed and about 30 inches fully stretched.

Looking to complete your super suit?  Check out our Baby Super Hero CapeTwo Tone Super Hero Cape, and Superhero Legwarmers.  Check out our blog posts for easy costume ideas to get you started: All-American Hero, Batgirl Costume.

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