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DIY Ribbon Princess Crown Headband

Posted by Guest Blogger Kira Bowden on

DIY Ribbon Princess Crown Headband Tutorial

Any princess themed DIY is a hit here at The Hair Bow Company, and you can easily turn one of our wrapped hard headbands and some grosgrain ribbon into your own customer Princess Crown Headband!


7/8 Ribbon

Grosgrain Wrapped Hard headband

Rhinestone embellishments

(You will also need scissors, measuring tape, hot glue gun, and a lighter to seal the edges of cut ribbon.)


Measure and cut:

1 4” piece of ribbon

4 3” pieces of ribbon

Fold each strip over to form a point. These will be the points of your crown.

Hot glue each point to secure it.

Cute and heat seal the edges.

Place a line of glue on the largest point (4” strip) and secure it to the center of the headband. This is the center point of the headband.

Glue your remaining points to the headband on either side of the center point.

Measure 1 end of the points to the other and cut a strip of ribbon that length.

Glue the strip over to bottom edge of the headband and points to secure to points in place.

Glue your choice of embellishment rhinestones to each point.

DIY Ribbon Princess Crown Headband Tutorial


You can get ribbon here at The Hair Bow Company.

You can get Grosgrain Wrapped Hard Headbands here at The Hair Bow Company.

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