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Top 5 Pinned Costumes from The Hair Bow Company

Posted by The Hair Bow Co. on

Congratulations, everyone! We made it through the summer and got the kids back to school without losing our sanity!! Now we can all take a deep breath and relax. Let's just take it easy for a bit, maybe get through some of those shows we've been meaning to watch. You know, the ones that have just been steadily piling up in your queue because who has the time to sit and watch Netflix when there are kiddos to feed and entertain and keep somewhat neat and tidy? Well, now is our chance! Grab a snack and let's binge some great television.

Wait, what's that? Halloween is only ten weeks away? We have less than 75 days to plan our kid's Halloween costume and make sure it's absolutely perfect for our princess/superhero/superhero princess?! 

Don't panic! Let's all take that deep breath together and relax. Inhale. Exhale. We're here to help, because after all, if there's one thing we LOVE, it's easy DIY crafts and costumes. 

Over the next several weeks, we'll be showing y'all how to make some amazing costumes for your little ones, and we wanted to head into 2016's holiday-palooza by sharing our top 5 pinned costumes from our blog. Let's jump in and get this holiday season off to a marvelous start! 

1. Beautiful Ball Gown

Your little princess will absolutely love this super fluffy, fantastically elegant tutu dress! 

2. Twirly Mermaid

Mermaids are magical and twirls are fun, so what's not to love about this easy DIY dress?! 

Want more mermaid options? You're in luck! We are cordially inviting you to our fun Mermaid Party for other great ideas!

3. Simple Fairy Dress

Fairies are always a good idea. They're whimsical and magical, and maybe best of all, have wings! 

4. Minion Tutu Dress

These little guys are almost-too-cute-for-words! We're still in love with this extra cute tutu dress, and are certain that your little one will be as excited about it as we are! 

No time to craft your own tutu dress? Check out our tutorial for putting together a Simple Minion Costume

5. Jellyfish Costume

It's a little bit ... different. We know this, really we do. But we think it's one of our cutest tutorials, and are sooooo happy to know that y'all think so too!  

So there you have it folks! Our top 5 pinned fantastical tutus and tutu dresses. It seems that great minds really do think alike since these just happen to be some of our most favorite costumes EVER! 

Have a happy day, y'all!

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