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DIY Shabby Chic Headbands

Posted by The Hair Bow Co. on

We are constantly surrounded by little girl accessories in this office so when we get something that we can wear, well, we go a little crazy!

A few weeks ago we received a shipment of shabby flowers. They were a brand new product with limited inventory so we could test them out. They sold out in 2 days. Yikes.

So we reordered, this time in bulk! We added several new colors, a few fun patterns, and a new size. When they came in, we immediately started playing. You're going to love this project!!

Shabby Chic Interchangeable Headbands!

What does that mean? Well instead of gluing your flowers to a headband, glue them to a clip. Then clip coordinating flowers onto one of our Satin Elastic Headbands for a new look each day. Buy a Shabby Flower in each color and your headband possibilities are endless.

For these headbands, we only used the Large Shabby Flowers. The Petite Shabby Flowers would look darling as accents on this headbands so please feel free to experiement. You'll need smaller clips if you go that route.

Let's get started. Gather your supplies: Large Shabby Flowers, snap clips (ours are 2"), Satin Elastic Headbands, scissors, and a glue gun.

The flowers come with mesh attached to the back. You're going to want to cut that off! It's a bit tedious but it allowed us to bring our prices down and get a larger variety of fun colors. So with each snip of the scissors, repeat, "So cute! So inexpensive! So cute! So inexpensive!" It helps, I promise!

See. Cute. And inexpensive! Keep cutting until you have this lovely little pile of shabby flowers.

Of course you could just buy a couple colors instead of the whole batch, but you'll instantly regret it.

Now open up your snap clip and coat the back side with hot glue. Press it to the back of the flower. Be sure the glue dries completely before you snap the clip closed.

Keep gluing until all of your flowers have clips on the back. Again, you can do this with our Petite Shabby Flowers, you'll just need smaller snap clips. Plain snap clips can typically be found at your local craft or sewing store.

Now just select two or three clips and a coordinating Satin Elastic Headband to make your custom creation. We recommend buying several headbands so you have more potential color schemes. (They are only $0.59 each, go a little crazy!)

Here are a few of our favorite looks.

Burnt Orange Large Shabby Flower, Black with White Dots Large Shabby Flower, Toddler/Adult Black Satin Elastic Headband

Ivory Large Shabby Flower, Cheetah Large Shabby Flower, Toddler/Adult Chocolate Satin Elastic Headband

Have fun and don't forget to show us your creations!

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